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I've been in a ton of states recently! It's so exciting! I also found an idea for a story of my own. Not a fan fiction.
Maybe you'll read it, maybe you won't. I don't know. But you are welcome to encourage me to write it if you want me to try!
You walk up to Levi's office.
Since the day he invited you to have tea with him, you and the Corporal have become very close. Telling each other about your childhood, and you finally being called by your first name instead of being called an idiot or a brat.
You knock on his door, his memory always so punctual, so you expect him to already have the tea waiting behind the door.
"Name and purpose?" His all too familiar deep voice speaks out from behind the door.
"It's Captain (f/n)-"
"You don't need to say your purpose, (f/n). I already know." His voice having a touch of humor to it.
He opens the door, welcoming you into his office, still just as neat as always.
"I have something to talk to you about first, (f/n)..."
You turn around, looking at him.
He approaches you, grabing your hand, gently.
"Let me display what I wish to say with actions... We both know how terrible I am with words..."
You nod in response to his request, because you do know he is terrible at displaying emotion, with words and with his face.
He cups your head in his tough, calloused hands. Holding your jaw gently, making sure not to mess up.
He then presses his lips against yours lightly, making your heart race. When you didn't respond right away, he retreats slightly, but you follow him, kissing back. Your arms wrap around his neck loosely, melting you into him because of the heat his skin was emmitting. His lips softly press against yours again, a little less gentle, but still carefully, in an unsure kind of way. You take the risk of pushing it, pressing your lips hard against his, and he presses back just as hard, gathering up speed like a locomotive going down a hill, his hands releasing your jawline, and slowly making their way down your body, caressing your sides. Shivers run down your back, so you press yourself against him, using him for support. He breaks away, regaining his breath, and you realise you haven't breathed yet. You take in a shaky breath and look at him with half opened eyes. He picks you after taking a look at you, carries to his room behind the door next to his desk. Laying you on his bed. He pulls off his jacket, leather straps, shirt, and cravat. He climbs in the bed with you, but you are smart enough to know he's not getting any ideas, he was Levi for pete sakes. He gets comfortable, laying next to you, and slowly running his long and slender fingers over your forhead, moving the (h/c) hair out of the way, so he can see your face. You start to get drowsy.
He looks at you and smiles, pressing a finger up to your lips when you try to speak.
"Like you said before, silence is bliss."
You fall asleep, craddled in his arms, as he whispers words to you that sooth you. The last thing you hear, is his whisper against your ear, speaking with a soothing tone.
"I love you. Sleep blissfully and silently..."

End of Extended Endjng
Silence is Bliss: Levi Ackerman x Reader: Prt. 4
Part 4 is the extended ending. It involves the stuff most fan fiction involves, kissing and snuggling and whatever. Hope you like it!
You are still shocked as you return to your office, shutting the door behind you and locking it.
Why did he turn his face away?
Were you so shameful to him that he felt like he couldn't look at you?
He would have told you that if he felt that way... It was how he ran.
Right as you open your book, you hear a knock on your door.
"Who is it? What do you want?"
They had to choose this moment to interrupt your reading time.
"It's Corporal Levi... I wanted to... Ask you something..."
This was a surprise. You were expecting Hanji or someone else... You were expecting anyone but Levi.
You open the door, and he steps in, nodding with acceptance at your clean, organized office.
You were a big clean freak like him.
"I see you know how to clean..." It was the first time he didn't call you a brat or an idiot. Something was up...
"What is it you want, Corporal?"
"Please, when we are alone, call me Levi, Corporal is to wordy. Saying my name will save us time."
You look at him, surprise covering your face.
"Tch, don't look so shocked, brat." and theeeere it was.
You shut the door behind him, looking at him.
"Are you going to tell me what you wanted to ask?" you were growing impatient.
"Yes. I was getting to it, idiot. Shut up and maybe I can say it quicker." His husky voice showed obvious annoyance.
You wait, constantly looking at your book on the table, it was calling out to you.
"So, I am terrible at this type of stuff... You can see that... But do you maybe want to have tea together sometime? That is... If you are up to it..."
Was the Corporal actually asking you to take tea with him?
You smile softly, nodding slowly.
"I'd love to take tea with you, Levi. Why are you asking though?"
Your answer of yes seemed to take a lot of the anxiety off of him, and he didn't seem so stressed.
"Because, I just want to have tea with you, do I need a reason?" His steely guard went up as soon as it fell.
"I think you should have a reason. But then again, silence is bliss." You say, with a hint of a smile on your lips.

End of Part Three

Part Four is extended ending
Silence is Bliss: Levi Ackerman x Reader: Prt. 3
Sorry the last one was so short! Comment and favorite if you like it! :heart: I love ya, readers!


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